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22 September 2009 @ 02:03 pm
wedding bells are rigging  

Brooke: Aw, my baby's so good to me. Damn! I am really gonna love this living together thing. I want you to move your stuff in, okay? This is our house now, not just mine.
Julian: Good. Well, then how would you feel about going back to our bedroom for a little while.
Brooke: I'd make a joke about meager means but it would simply be untrue.

Brooke: That is some poster.
Julian: What? Oh, right. You like it?
Brooke: Yeah. It's different for the living room.
Julian: He was just so crazy my father.
Brooke: Do you think maybe you would like that better in the spare bedroom or in your office? We could get you an office for that.
Julian: Brooke, my dad just flew five hours to ask me if I'm quitting the business and getting married.
Brooke: What did you say?
Julian: I asked him to leave.
Brooke: No. About the... marriage part?
Julian: I told him he was crazy. We're not getting married, we just moved in together.
Brooke: Yeah.
Julian: I don't... I don't know what the hell got into him.

Millie: He probably didn't mean it.
Brooke: It was just the way he said it. As if the very idea of us ever getting married was somehow completely ridiculous to him. And then, he hung this ugly army man poster in the living room. I have to talk to him.
Millie: Okay, but he might freak out a little if you start talking marriage so soon.
Brooke: No. About the poster you dork. It has to go.

Brooke: Well, hi. What are you doing?
Julian: Fixing you diner. And thinking about getting rid of my poster.
Brooke: Why?
Julian: Because you have to eat. And because you hate it.
Brooke: I don't hate it.
Julian: Yeah.
Brooke: No. I don't. I just... I don't really like it there.
Julian: It's okay. My father, as you know, was always gone. Always on some distant location or at the office, making movies. But this one time, he came home and surprised me and took me to see the 'Thin Red Line' and then we spent the rest of the day together. Just him and me. That didn't happen very often. Actually, that really never happened again. But that day, that was a good day. That was probably the best day I ever had with him. And that was the day I decided I wanted to make movies too. Like my dad.

Paul: Brooke. You wanted to speak with me.
Brooke: You know, my whole life, I wanted to get my mother to be proud of me. And then one night, Julian threatened to exile her from our lives and I would do the same to you. I'm just not sure it would matter.
Paul: You're upset.
Brooke: I have this poster hanging in my living room Paul. Of course I'm upset. And the only reason that it's hanging there is because you took him to see that movie and for one day, that boy felt close to his father. He felt loved and appreciated. And the sad part is, that there was only one of those days. Because in my book, the day that he didn't feel that way should be the unique one. Fix it.

Paul: Hi son. I was just heading back to LA and I wanted to say goodbye.
Julian: Okay.
Paul: Listen, I came here to tell you that I think you're wrong to put your relationship before your career but I think it's me who's been wrong. I wasn't around and I... I was too busy caring for fictional characters instead of caring for the real ones in my life.
Julian: You did fine dad.
Paul: That poster. That was a good day for us?
Julian: The best.
Paul: I don't remember it. I'm sorry.
Julian: It's okay.
Paul: No, it's not. I'm proud of you son. You go live your life and be happy. And whatever you do, don't be like me. Okay? I'll see you.

Julian: What?
Brooke: I love you, you know that? I love who you are. I don't know how you got there but I'm glad you did.
Julian: I'm glad I did too. 'Cause you're here with me.
Brooke: Mmm. Come here.

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