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20 October 2009 @ 06:38 pm
nothing's ever perfect  
Brooke/Julian 7x06

Brooke: Hi. This hot body of yours is just inspiring me to do something I have never done before.
Julian: Oh, yeah?
Brooke: Yeah. And it's gonna take a lot of hard work and it's gonna take a long, long time. And I'm gonna need you to start by taking your pants off.
Julian: Ooh. That sounds amazing. But Alex is coming over to work.
Brooke: Ugh. You two were up half the night.
Julian: It's all business Brooke. I don't know, she seems to have really come around.
Brooke: I don't buy it. Once a ho-bag, always a ho-bag.
Julian: Now, as I recall, you...
Brooke: You might want to consider what you are about to say very carefully. Now come kiss me until ho-bag shows up.

Brooke: Chase!? What brings you in?
Chase: Hey! Umm, just doing a little shopping for Mia.
Brooke: Ah. You guys have been together a long time.
Chase: Mmm-mm. What about you? I heard Julian moved here. That must be awesome.
Brooke: Uh-uh.
Chase: Or not so awesome?
Brooke: No, it's amazing! I'm just a little annoyed because at first I had him all to myself and lately he has been working with one of my models.
Chase: Mmm. Well, I wouldn't worry. Sure it's harmless.
Brooke: Yeah.
Chase: I mean, guys, we don't even really like models.

Julian: Brooke! Hello!? Uh-um.
Brooke: One sec. Got it.
Julian: Can I borrow you? Wanna tell me why you were mounting* your ex-boyfriend in the back room?
Brooke: Because you weren't available.
Julian: Very funny.
Brooke: I'm serious. This morning I looked over at this big sexy body and I thought to myself 'Why aren't you making men's clothes Brooke Davis?'
Julian: Mmm-mm. Clothes for bros?
Brooke: Ka-ching! But, in order to make men's clothes you need to fit a model for measurements. You were my first choice but alas...
Julian: I was busing with Alex, I get it. Well, I'm here now and I'm all about taking my clothes off for you in the back room so you can send your little boy-toy packing.
Brooke: You're very sweet. But I think I'm gonna stick with Chase, I'm already half-way through his measurements. Don't worry baby, we're all business. Hey Chase! Break's over, drop your pants!

Alex: Oh, and speaking of my perfect ass, I understand from Julian you might be a little concerned about our relationship.
Millicent: Working relationship!
Alex: You have nothing to worry about. Seriously, I mean, I stripped naked and that boy didn't even flinch. He is clearly so in love with you.

Mia: Well, you're not Chase.
Julian: If only.
Mia: I asked the waitress if there was a tall, dark and handsome boy waiting for his date, she pointed me here.
Julian: Sorry to disappoint but your tall, dark and handsome is getting naked with my short, hot and bossy.
Mia: Uh.
Julian: He's doing some fit modeling for Brooke at 'Clothes Over Bros'. It's harmless, I hope.

Chase: You okay?
Brooke: No, I'm not okay! Ho-bag got naked in front of Julian.
Chase: Ho-bag?
Brooke: Alex My-Butt-Is-The-Size-Of-A-Kumquat Dupree.
Chase: Oh.
Brooke: She's so manipulative and materialistic and self-serving and naked and...
Chase: Brook-ish?
Brooke: What did you say?
Chase: Nothing.
Brooke: Funny, I could have sworn that I heard you speak.
Chase: I meant, she just seems a little bit like you were in high school.
Brooke: Uh. He always wanted high school Brooke.

Alex: Brooke!? Come in.
Brooke: Thanks! This will just take a second. You're fired.
Alex: I have a contract.
Brooke: I'll pay you out, it's worth the loss.
Alex: This is so unnecessary. Julian and I have a working relationship. That means no doing it.
Brooke: Maybe. But it's recently been brought to my attention that the way you behave is a lot like high school me used to. And I would be insane to let high school me anywhere near the man I love. The man I love who shouldn't even think about sleeping anywhere but the couch tonight.
Julian: I'm sorry, what did I do?
Brooke: What you didn't do is tell me that ho-bag got naked for you.
Julian: Oh, that.
Brooke: Yeah, that. You couch, you fired. Ciao bitches!
Alex: You can sleep here if you want.
Julian: *STFU Alex!*

Sorry about the possible mistakes in the quotes, nobody's perfect :D
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